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Counselling By Skype

Using Skype for coaching works!!

For both you and your relationship coach, Skype can be a valuable tool that saves time, money, and even facilitates the counselling process. With our lives becoming busier and busier every day, the thought of taking precious time out of your day to go to a counselling session can result in added stress  to a relationship that is already suffering.

Counselling by Skype provides you and your loved one a means to receive the counselling you desire and need, in a manner that is just as, if not more effective, than an in-person visit. In addition to saving you the time of getting out of work or another obligation, as well as the driving time to your appointment, counselling by Skype has other advantages.


For some clients, going to a counselling session comes with the fear of recognition. “What if someone recognizes me?” Choosing to attend counselling is usually the result of stresses in your life. You certainly don’t want to add more stress to that relationship by wondering what others are thinking. Counselling by Skype can be attended in the privacy of your own home, where only you and your significant other are aware of the process.

Lingering Session

With an in-office counselling session, the therapeutic atmosphere can be broken when it is time to leave. Suddenly the session is over and you find yourself back in traffic as you drive home while your mind turns to your other responsibilities. Clients who have taken part in counselling by Skype find that even though the electronic connection is terminated, the interpersonal connection continues past the counselling session. The flow of communication and environment lingers as the couple continue talking and sharing with each other.


No matter your location, counselling by Skype is convenient and easy. Whether you are away on a business conference, vacationing, or live in a remote area, Skype is available to anyone who has an internet connection. Clients are much less likely to have to reschedule because of distance, time constraints, or privacy issues. Skype counselling is not limited to any geographic area. Although I like a chance to meet clients personally at the office, I feel I know my Skype clients just as well, despite the fact that we have only met virtually.

Skype Counselling May Be Right For You

  • There is a free initial consultation to see if there is a good fit between us
  • Geography is not an issue. You can choose to see a counsellor anywhere in the country – or indeed the world
  • You stay in your familiar surroundings. If you happen to be away from home, you can still have your coaching session as long as you have an internet connection
  • It is more convenient for people who would otherwise have difficulty traveling to a therapist
  • All Skype sessions are encrypted and anonymous in order to ensure absolute confidentiality and security

The only real difficulty I have experienced is the occasional technological glitch however, the technology is improving all the time. So, if you have friends who are distant, but are looking for a coach and you feel this model would be effective for them, please have them contact me. As at the office, there is no charge for the first session.

I invite you to schedule a FREE Skype consultation with me to see if Relationship Coaching is right for you!
You can contact me by phone at 519-966-1408 or email


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